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A qualified doctor, it is always convenient to make an appointment and come to the chosen time for a consultation or delivery of any analysis. Several times he "caught" sexually transmitted diseases, Vasily Petrovich, having listened to and examined the problems / symptoms, after taking the necessary tests, he always prescribed the necessary course of treatment, after which I always recovered. I hope to no longer miss such diseases, but if this happens, I will go for treatment to this particular doctor.

A year later, he checked my condition and thereby confirmed his diagnosis and the correctness of the prescribed treatment. At my age, I can already compare a dozen urologists and I must say that the professionalism of this doc is impeccable. It is true that in our physically sad time, this is rare.

While I was sitting in the corridor and waiting for my appointed time with viagra, I talked to people who also came to Dr. Kotov and everyone, as one, said only good things, and that they would not go to any other doctor! By the way, I have never seen that there were so many people visiting one doctor, and this speaks of high professionalism and a conscientious attitude to her work. So, I advise everyone, if you have problems regarding urology, make an appointment.

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